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Ética em Investigação

Como desenhar e avaliar a Investigação em Educação

Resumo do Capítulo IV*, sobre "Ethics and Research"

.Examples of unethical practices:
- Requiring participation from powerless (students)
- Using minors without parental permission
- Deleting data that don’t agree w/ hypothesis
- Invading privacy of subjects
- Physically or psychologically harming subjects

. APA statement of ethical principles in research:
- Each student must sign one and have it signed by workplace supervisor

. Protecting participants from harm requires informed consent
- Subjects must know the purpose of the study, possible benefits/harm; participation is voluntary and they can w/draw without penalty any time
. Researchers should ask: Could subjects be harmed? Is there another way to get the info? Is the info valuable enough to justify study?

. Researchers must ensure confidentiality of data (limit access; no names if possible; tell subjects confidential or anonymous)

. Deceiving subjects is sometimes necessary (Milgram study), ask if results justify ethical lapse
- When deception used subjects they should be okay with it after (and they can refuse use of their data)

. Research with children
- Parental consent required (signed permission from parents
- APA Ethics in Research Form addresses this also

. Regulation of Research (National Research Act of 1974)
- If federal funding received must have an IRB to check: risks to subjects, informed consent guidelines met, debriefing plans for subjects
- HHS made changes in 1981 so that educational research is exempt under certain conditions

* Retirado de “How to Design and Evaluate Research in Education”, de Jack R. Fraenkel and Norman E. Wallen, in

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